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Allow yourself to disconnect from all the distractions and reconnect with your family in nature.

Family ReSOULutions is designed to cultivate a deeper and more seCure love for you and your whole family, strengthen your bond of connection and communication, and expand new ways through your PLAY “Powerful Love Aligns and pave a NEW way. 

Treat you and your family for a one-of-a-kind experience, where all your needs and heart’s desires are met. 

By combining four core activities:

connecting with nature

connecting to your bodies

connecting with your family in comeUnity

& connecting with your creative expression in many ways. 

The decision to re-Unite with your divine mirrors of YOU. 

Over the weekend we will have time for leisure and rest, as well as our activities that are sure to inspire and expand you allowing you to grow in new ways. 

These include:

🌟 Yoga and gentle breath work, designed to awaken your senses and build your body awareness through breath work and movement. 

🌟 Guided walking meditation and scavenger hunt, allows you to connect with the natural abundance that is always around you. 

🌟 Connection games, help cultivate a deeper love, trust, Communication, and connection with your family, and comeUnity. 

🌟 Creative expression, and fun activities designed to connect you with your inner genius and let your inner child out to PLAY.

🌟 I AM Journey provides connection with the temple of your body and the altar of your heart allows you to be in your divine remembrance activating your soul's blueprint. 

🌟 A fire ceremony under the stars, to symbolically burn away what no longer serves you letting go of the fears, and make room for more of what truly lights you up and gives you your heart’s desires . 

🌟 Celebrate and elevate while connecting with the power of your PLAY! 

Family ReSOULution Re-Treat Family of 2

  • Add A family of 2 Ticket & then add an additional family member Ticket for each additional family member!

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