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Origin and Evolution

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word that refers to the common religious devotion that is held in the heart of a devoted person of any spiritual faith/path. Bhakti also refers to the 'perfect state of consciousness: exclusive and continuous love of God, the natural condition of the soul; eternal and enlightened bliss.' So, to put it simply…

Bhakti means devotional love for God, whatever form you choose. For me, my God is in me, my God is in my heart because when we connect to our hearts and stay in our love, we connect to our feeling world, our true authentic self. Through love is how we truly transform and expand our consciousness. So, that is how the name for my business came to me because I am my devotional love.


Now, light... well, we all know the definition of light. Light illuminates the darkness, and we are all here to shine as bright as the sun and ignite our world with our inner light. Be the change you seek in your world because our outer world is a reflection of who we are on the inside. So, there you have it, on how my name came to be.

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