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I AM Journey is a deep soul journey within. 'I AM' stands for 'Inner Activated Magic,' where magic resides in the presence of NOW. This is the sacred space where creation and the most powerful manifestations are birthed. Slow down and speed up to match the quantum frequency of love. Connect with the temple of your body through the altar of your heart in a ceremonial experience. Enjoy a musical sound journey with a variety of instruments and channeled vocal activations. ​ Give yourself, 'your cells,' permission - 'per your mission' - to connect with the highest light within you. Allow your soul to shine fully through. Rewrite your story, empower your highest self, and bring in new revelations by activating the resting light codes in your DNA. ​ Clear blocks you may have forgotten about, which still exert influence in your life. Dissolve limiting beliefs, thought forms, and patterns that no longer serve the highest light within you. Dive deep into your bliss body and birth our new Earth. Activate wealth consciousness as you return HOME - 'Heaven On Mother Earth' - into the wholeness of your innermost being. ​ Be at HOME in your body as you align your highest self with your current self.

Meet my fellow musician James

James is a self-taught flutist. He has a natural talent and can hear and feel music with his heart, making it easy to harmonize in a beautiful flow with other musicians. ​ He is very in tune and connected with himself. He is the definition and embodiment of 'zero f***s given,' and he allows his inner child to be free and wild, inspiring others to be the same way. He embraces his full being, and his energy is infectious with zero effort. ​When Janaki and James get together and connect, pure magic happens, and they have a jamming great time! ​ Their flow of energy creates portals of transformation.

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