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Janaki is an agent of change and an Alchemist of well-being. 

She grew up in a yoga family and was fed a lot of consciousness unconsciously. She witnessed her parents many times either fist fighting or meditating, experiencing conflict in her family.

She got labeled many things such as slow, and messy, but one thing she was called often was a good girl. So she tried to live up to the image of being a good girl while suppressing her expression and hiding her depression behind her smile. 

She hid behind the mask of the persona of what she thought others wanted her to be, forgetting who she was so she could remember who she really is :)!  

Now she’s agreed for her big PLAY ”Powerful Love Aligns You” and has taken off the mask and she shows up powerFully in her true raw authentic expression of who she is. She has mastered so many of her perceived weaknesses and turned them into her great strengths and loves helping others do the same. 

Where she once judged herself for being slow, she’s now turned into her superpower and gives others the gift of slowing way down and speeding up for the quantum speed of love and helping others tap into their superpower of their innermost BEing. 

Janaki is an all spark for a new start and she speaks the language of love, which speaks to the hearts of many.

Janaki has many certifications such as yoga, coaching with the art of sacred language both body and spoken, an NLP Master practitioner, Hipnosis, and In QTT “Quantum time technique” she enjoys all her tools, and her greatest certification comes from within her certainty certified to the T!

She is passionate about supporting people reclaiming who they are where they reMember to come back HOME “Heaven On Mother Earth” into the wholeness of their inner most BEing, where she witnessed so much quantum massive tangible transformation:)!! This is one of the ways she lives her purpose with passion doing her planetary work. 

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