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Who is



Who is 'Sounds of the Soul' for?

Meet Chelsea Gay, also known as CleoCATra, your spiritual guide through the transformative power of somatic movement and connection. With her love for dance, passion for teaching, and her background in producing events, she has dedicated her life to curating sacred spaces where open-hearted souls can connect with themselves and others, Her mission is to raise the vibration of love through free-flow movement and dance worldwide.


Chelsea's dance philosophy blends the physical with the spiritual, viewing dance as a path to deeper self-awareness. By fusing dance with somatic practices, she facilitates an intimate dialogue between body, mind, and soul, offering potent tools for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. Chelsea believes dance can liberate emotional blockages, nurturing a profound connection with the body and authentic self-expression.


Leading transformative workshops, Chelsea empowers participants to harness dance's healing power, unlocking emotional wounds and dispelling limiting beliefs. Additionally, she orchestrates global sacred dance parties that offer alcohol-free, non-judgmental havens for uninhibited self-expression and genuine connections.


Join CleoCATra on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and joyful expression that starts on the dance floor!

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