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Origin and Evolution

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word that refers to the common religious devotion that is held in the heart of a devoted person of any spiritual faith/path. Bhakti also refers to the 'perfect state of consciousness: exclusive and continuous love of God, the natural condition of the soul; eternal and enlightened bliss.' So, to put it simply…

Bhakti means devotional love for God, whatever form you choose. For me, my God is in me, my God is in my heart because when we connect to our hearts and stay in our love, we connect to our feeling world, our true authentic self. Through love is how we truly transform and expand our consciousness. So, that is how the name for my business came to me because I am my devotional love.


Now, light... well, we all know the definition of light. Light illuminates the darkness, and we are all here to shine as bright as the sun and ignite our world with our inner light. Be the change you seek in your world because our outer world is a reflection of who we are on the inside. So, there you have it, on how my name came to be.

Janaki INbodies the essence of transformation and serves as a conduit for the divine at the deepest level. She stands as a beacon of change, an alchemist of well-being, advocating for the restoration of our innate power rooted in love. As a mother of four, Janaki carries the sacred codes of the divine mother within her DNA, and her very name reflects her profound connection with Mother Earth. Janaki, a multifaceted artist, channels divine inspiration through her music, poetry, and words. She serves as an instrument of God’s grace, committed to dismantling the distortions within societal constructs. Her language is that of love, which unites us all. Raised with the belief that “Truth is one, paths are many,” she lives by the law of ONE.


Her mastery extends to the realms of NLP, hypnosis, and Quantum Time Techniques. She facilitates the art of sacred language, both in body and spoken word, bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms. By rewiring the brain and aligning with your heart’s frequency, she brings your head and heart into coherence.


Born into a family steeped in yoga and spiritual wisdom, Janaki embarked on a journey of self-discovery at a young age, learning to INbrace her innate brilliance and step into her power as a force of illumination. She has mastered and continues to master many of her perceived weaknesses, transforming them into great strengths. With the gift of alchemizing wounds into wisdom, she serves as a Quantum conduit, leading with immense love. Janaki ignites the path for others to walk boldly in their Truth and live purposefully with passion.

From a young age, Janaki has always marched to her own beat. She leads with her powerful motto: “Powerful Love Aligns You,” fearlessly paving a new path.


Janaki’s vision and mission revolve around fostering unity within our community, anchoring harmony in our shared home—our “Heaven On Mother Earth.” She firmly believes that true INlightenment arises from INbracing all aspects of oneself and recognizing the wholeness and fullness of who we are. Janaki advocates for radical self-love and is committed to guiding others on this transformative journey. As a connector of connections, Janaki illuminates, bringing souls together. She catalyzes many to awakIN their innermost BEing, unlocking the dormant light codes within their DNA. Through her gift of connection, she creates a space for miracles to unfold, allowing each individual to shine their brightest light, INbrace their gifts, and INbody their divine essence.


Embark on a transformative journey with Janaki, delving into the innermost depths of your BEing. Navigate the temple of your body, where the altar of your heart serves as the gateway to our shared home—Heaven On Mother Earth. INbrace the profound power of connection, and awakIN the magic that resides within you right NOW.

Let the journey of inspiration unfold.

I AM Divine Union INbodied
Stop Hiding!
Give me light

Journey to Inner Peace:
Capturing Moments of Mindful Meditation, Yoga Bliss, Spiritual Healing, Healing Sound, and Retreat Serenity.